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 Cooking Instructions


steak  products except ribeye steaks should be thawed out and cooked with low to medium heat(NOT ON HIGH HEAT) due to steaks being all natural; some steaks are thin, easiest way is to place the frozen steak in its package into warm water for no less than 20 mins. Ribeye


 steaks may be cooked straight from frozen!! Fully cooked bbq baby back ribs can be cooked from frozen. Simply wrap ribs with tinfoil heat on grill or broil in oven from 20 min on medium heat. When done before eating open foil and if using a grill place ribs on direct flame or


heat for 2 or 3 min to allow the bbq sauce to caramelize to the bone this will change the way the ribs taste, really giving the ribs that steakhouse taste. If using broil just cut open foil and place ribs on top rack and do the same thing. Let the ribs sit under direct heat for 2 or


3 mins then flip and do it again. Then your ready to serve. Chicken, pork and sea food can be cooked from frozen as long as you cook meats slow and on low to medium temperatures, and can also be thawed and cooked to normal temp..







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