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     N.C. Global  has over 12 years of experience dealing with gourmet foods.We have some of the best mid-western beef that you can buy.Keeping this in mind people are always looking forward to us coming by and showing them what we have to offer.  


We have a variety of foods that we offer like steak ,chicken ,seafood and pork.We will go in depth about what is in our premium packs,and how you may be able to take advantage of the great savings.



All of our products are FDA approved and done to perfection.All of the steaks go through a big process to make our product line. they are inspected ,and triple trimmed. This means about 44% of bone, fat and gristle are trimmed off of the steak.


When our customers order from us they know exactly what they are getting , and why they choose us above all of our competitors. We have a variety of steak packs, and other packages as well that might interest you so check out what we have and we hope to serve your needs.


We appreciate all our customers thank you for your loyalty and we hope to make everything a great experience for you.







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